Team Building – Scavenger Hunts. Anywhere. Anytime.

Scavenger Hunt Anywhere is a global provider of smartphone and paper-based team building scavenger hunts for corporate groups of any size. Our sole focus is on corporate meeting and incentive groups which means that we have a program that is perfectly suited to the needs of your corporate participants.

A scavenger hunt is an enjoyable corporate team building activity, great for building relationships and a challenging way to see more of a city. Because we come from a corporate background, our scavenger hunts have been designed to challenge skills that are relevant in business. Indeed, those teams that are skilled in prioritization, problem-solving, time management, creativity and decision-making will be more successful in our programs.


Here is how it works. Your group is divided into teams of 5-6 people. One or more people on each team install our scavenger hunt app on their smartphone. Currently iPhone and Android are supported.

Each team logs in with a unique username and password. They are greeted with your corporate logo and a welcome message. Then they are presented with the list of tasks.

There are three types:


Photo tasks usually require teams to be in a specific location to take the photo. An example is: take a photo your entire team with Sky Tower in the background.


Questions are also designed to cause groups to move around and see the sights. They are multiple choice and answers can always be found within the hunt area. For example: On the commemorative plaque outside the Auckland Ferry Building, what is the fifth word?


Having checkpoints in the scavenger hunt give the activity an Amazing Race feel. Teams find our staff at a prearranged time and location and are assigned additional tasks such as solving a riddle or untying a human knot.

When time runs out, the team that has accumulated the most points wins. Teams generally do not finish all the tasks in the allotted time, but this is by design – it encourages teams to use their prioritization skills.


To learn more about our programs, visit our FAQ page or simply complete the form on our contact page and we will get back to you with pricing and additional information.